Another Ghost Story by Andrew Mungo



Recently had another ghost story to tell. Mike was such an asshole, just hanged himself from a tree in Newbury. He didn’t have to do that.

 He believed in ghosts. He was a very talented wood worker. One day he was doing a quick repair to a cabinet for a friend’s mother. It was an ordinary worker’s house. He wouldn’t ordinarily work on such a piece but he was doing it as a favor. He wanted to make quick work of it until he heard a voice tell him to do it right as it was “everything we had.” Mike was hearing the woman’s deceased husband imploring him to be respectful. He did a great job for a token fee.

He was crazy as a loon. He never really set himself up in life. He went from home life to married life young. He never went through the clumsy period of finding himself. His bases were always covered. Every now and then he’d have a few bucks, family money came his way, small fortunes in fact. He would always blow his wad. He’d run off to Florida, stay in resorts, eat every meal at good bars, go broke and go home.

He had this notion that he had to be somebody special. He forgot that he was special to his friends and family. He would get his chunk of change and fantasize that now he could do something big. Then he would blow the cash in six months. 

He resisted taking his meds. Like any illness mental illness can be progressive. The older he got the worse it became. He bragged as he hit his 60s that he didn’t need any pills. Then he got another 100K out of his family. He stopped taking any meds. He thought he was going to start a business. His plan called for about 2 ½ million. He went looking for investors. Meanwhile he paid 25K here to hold something, 25K there to financial advisers. He lived high on the rest and as usual went broke.

Then his ghost arrived. He felt badly, thought he couldn’t go home, work became more difficult as he aged. So he hanged himself from a tree in Newbury and became a ghost himself.