by Andrew Mungo 10/15/17

First interject a note of humor: The NEW YORK TIMES Spotlight column of Sept. 28 had an exchange between culture writer Logan Hill and Judi Dench. He asked about her earliest acting experience. She replied that it was as a snail in a school play when she was five years old. She was to crawl across the stage but when she saw her parents in the audience she stood up to wave. She thought her acting career was over.

    So we have been saying for a month that Judi Dench would be here in VICTORIA AND ABDUL and yes we will play that film. However the date for us keeps being pushed back. That’s ok. The theater now playing it is running five shows a day. That is the right thing for them to do. They have 9 screens, everything is automated, there needs to be only one responsible person in the building and no one in the projection booth. 

    Even if there are almost no customers at 11:15 AM or so when they start it is still possible to just run and run and run. The distributor is doing the right thing to give it to them ahead of us. That is all fair. 

    Meanwhile we are doing fine and should go on and on with what we do. Later we will have Judi Dench on our screen.

    In the meantime check out LUCKY, Harry Dean Stanton, Ed Begley, Jr. David Lynch and others in a warm, intimate portrayal of a bunch of characters out in the nowhere of a desert town. Stanton is Lucky of the film’s title. He’s a 90 year-old crusty character who happens to be an atheist nearing the end of his life. Opens October 20 at a theater near to your heart.