Character Counts

Andrew Mungo 09/21/18

This is a message to Trump supporters, not his detractors.

During the run-up to Bill Clinton’s impeachment the answer among the far right as to why get rid of a President when the economy was strong and we were at peace was “character counts.” That was the operative term.

Fast forward to the present day. To those who support Donald Trump’s policies the sentiment remains “character counts.”

Putting aside all politics, acknowledging the President’s devoted base and not questioning that, there is a continuing stream of character issues.

Start with the infamous Access Hollywood tapes of Trump bragging about groping women. Move on to his calling Miss Universe a “little piggy” because she gained three pounds. Remember the scene of his belittling handicapped people? The list goes on. Add in any number of tweets. None of those things is even remotely political.

If character counted before, it counts now. I would like to see a two or three minute video stream go viral of Trump clips and tweets that focus exclusively on character with no politics whatsoever.

The man is a moral leper. Character counts.